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 Arepas have been around for centuries dating back hundreds of years with its origins belonging to indigenous tribes.
Arepas are made with maize, it is a Colombia and Venezuelan daily staple and equivalent to sliced cornmeal pocket. It is a round thick bread and originally was consumed as a complementary food to a main dish. 
 The stuffing is whatever you like! Since Arepas themselves are neither salty nor sweet - you can stuff them with anything!

Nutritional Information

Arepas are packed with goodness that can help your body in a variety of ways! From energy levels to heart health, check out the list below to see more.


 How to make arepas?

Arepas can be prepared in a variety of ways but the most common is to use the toaster and cook them just like you would a normal bread. It takes minutes to have a nice warm arepa ready for eating. 


Alternative ways to eat:

  • use the stove or BBQ and cook the arepas with the flame. 
  • The oven is a great way to cook multiple arepas at one time
  • Deep frying or air frying arepas is also an option