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I just received my box of arepas and wowww, immediately I have to try them.....deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I am in heaven, Thank you, now you have me!!!

Great thanks for more information to read and straight freeze and do idea something on top great AA++ I get more later... Many thanks

I have ordered 2 packs and they sent an extra sample pack. Really delicious arrived fast and will definitely be a client! Highly recommend!! Authentic South American goodness :)

great for pizza bases for those eating gluten-free, or a change from toast to eat with soup, tasty and filling.

After living in Colombia for over a year Arepas became a routine meal every morning. After returning to NZ I was so happy to find La Chiva Arepas make authentic Colombian arepas. So addictive we can't stop ordering. They feel so light and taste so yummy! Thanks for fulfilling our cravings!

Arepas are amazing, the presentation, the taste, everything is perfect!!! Big Thanks